Cycling Lab is a unique and dynamic collaboration between market, research, education and users in the world of cycling and innovation. The knowledge of these parties is combined and used to contribute to the development of Drenthe as the number one cycling area in the world. Existing products and services are connected in a new way, which means that sustainable, usable and user-friendly cycling solutions are developed.

Cycling Lab

Projects Cycling Lab

The projects of the Cycling Lab can be reduced to three core activities:

  • New implementation of existing applications
    Examples: contribution to the concept development of the Assen – Groningen Bicycle Highway, concept development for the ‘ecological cycle route’, contribution to the bio-compound cycle path in Emmen.
  • Developing of new and innovative products
    In addition to linking activities, the Cycling Lab also focuses on developing new innovative products. The link between new media and modern devices plays an important role. Examples: Cycling Go; a project that makes students aware of their behaviour in an attempt to lead them to a healthier lifestyle, and the Drenthe Bicycle App, in which we make all the activities within Drenthe known to new target groups.
  • Stimulate economic spin-off
    New developments, wonderful cases and other applications only have an effect if they come to the attention of the public. Example: the MTB Routes Drenthe; where the Cycling Lab has mapped out the routes, gave advice on connecting the routes and especially connecting with local entrepreneurs and the hospitality industry. This encourages visitors to spend more money in the region.


Development Cycling Lab

The Cycling Lab was founded a year and a half ago. Currently 15 market parties, 2 educational institutions (Hanze University of Applied Sciences and University of Groningen) and several users participate in the Cycling Lab. The lab has a stimulating and encouraging role and is involved in a large and diverse number of projects.

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