The reasons for coming to Drenthe are endless: beautiful nature areas and bustling villages and towns alternate. In addition, you will experience the greatest events and day trips. Drenthe has a lot to offer in the field of leisure. Whether it’s culture, adventure or nature, you can find it all in Drenthe. With 2,100 kilometres of cycle path, the various official acknowledgements but especially the appreciation it receives from cyclists in the broadest sense of the word, Drenthe can truly call itself Cycling Province of the Netherlands.


Making activities visible on

Cycling and Drenthe are inextricably linked. This is especially true of (sports) cyclists who keep coming back to Drenthe. Drenthe is a province full of cycling activities, at all levels. Marketing Drenthe offers organisers of all these events the opportunity to make these activities visible to the general public.

All partners in Drenthe can benefit by using the possibilities of the website Marketing Drenthe offers all events a place on this largest recognizable ‘to do’ platform in the field of the leisure economy in Drenthe. In addition, Marketing Drenthe participates in numerous events by providing additional support through campaigns and advice.

Collaboration is key

By working together and making use of each other’s strengths we reinforce each other and in doing so we jointly stimulate cycling in Drenthe. With all our partners, we can put cycling in Drenthe on the map even more!

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