Wil Noorman


‘The UCI label is an excellent recognition for Drenthe as a cycling province. It offers the province a wonderful sign for promotion.’

Why is the UCI Bike Region Label good for Drenthe?

The UCI label is an excellent recognition for Drenthe as a cycling province. It offers the province a wonderful sign for promotion. A label that goes further than Drenthe as the province of the Fiets4Daagse and the recreational cyclists, but that also makes Drenthe attractive for the sporty and high-performance cycling athlete.

What is your contribution to cycling in Drenthe?

The NTFU stimulates sporty cycling in a general sense, including in Drenthe. In addition, and more specifically, we support associations in organising tours and setting up ATB trails. In this context, we are the discussion partner of the province of Drenthe. In 2017, the NTFU calendar included nearly 100 events for racing cyclists and mountain bikers organised by the Drenthe associations affiliated to the NTFU. Our associations organise START2BIKE for novice cyclists, enabling them to ride responsibly and safely.

What are the highlights of the province of Drenthe for you?

The highlights of the province of Drenthe are as far as I am concerned the VAM-berg, the cobblestone sections, the TT circuit, the continuous ATB route through Drenthe. These highlights offer the sporty cyclist a variety of challenges.

How can cycling improve tourism en visits in Drenthe?

By incorporating the above highlights in multi-day tours, it is possible to attract more sporty cyclists to Drenthe. By linking side events to the tours, you also make it attractive for partners and children to come to Drenthe. This provides an economic spin-off: increase of overnight stays etc.

What are your ambitions for Drenthe and how do you contribute to this?

I have two aims in mind: to promote cycling in Drenthe and, as a result, strengthen the leisure economy in our province. I do so from the point of view of passion for this sport and from the point of view of health.

In my opinion, strengthening the leisure economy is important for the Drenthe economy in general. It creates a great deal of employment and, by extension, an opportunity for employment for our young people. My contribution is that I use the opportunity, through all kinds of consultation bodies, to draw attention to the above aspects and encourage people to organise high-quality events.


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