The good cycling image of Drenthe is partly the result of events such as the Tour of Drenthe, the Fiets4daagse (4-day bicycle tour) and the Super Prestige in Gieten. When Emmen was allowed to organise the National Championship Cycling 2015, it was decided to name the bicycle as a central theme for many areas in that year. This eventually led to ‘the bicycle ambition’, which in turn led to new events.

Drenthe is cycling and the best way to show that to the world is through cycling events. That is why Drenthe wants to put all its efforts into the strategic cycling events calendar.


Strong involvement in cycling events

Every municipality in Drenthe organises all kinds of cycling events at regional, national and even international level. Thanks to these activities Drenthe is known by many as the cycling province. In addition, the events played an important role in the award of the UCI Bike Region label. At the same time, this label is a good opportunity to take a closer look at the events calendar. The label may give even more opportunities for our cycling calendar.

Existing and new events

The commitment of the local authorities may be focused on existing and new events.

Some ideas:

  • The Tour of Drenthe as a kick-off to the tourist season. Spring starts with the Tour of Drenthe. The Tour of Drenthe has a higher status as of 2018 and this offers opportunities for the coming years.
  • The Drenthe Fiets4Daagse; also an event with an extensive history with which we can put Drenthe on the map (again), in line with the themes of Marketing Drenthe
  • The Battle of Norg, a unique cycling race that allows Drenthe to present itself as a tough region.
  • Paracycling Worldcup 2018 and World Cup 2019; the engine to ensure that there are no restrictions anymore on taking the bike more often
  • Super Prestige casting; ‘many hands have been making a special event for years’, is the ideal time to put all cycling volunteers in the spotlight.
  • Drenthe 200; the icon to profile our region as a place where you, as a resident and tourist, can enjoy the green surroundings in a unique way.
  • And numerous other possibilities linked to new initiatives or other existing events such as: Trappen, Happen & Steppen, Festival Op Fietse, the Gouden Pijl, the Geopark Hondsrug Classic, the Topcompetitie, the PWZ Zuidveldentour, Olympia’s Tour, the Battle of Norg, The youth tour Assen, Green Mountain Tour, the Bike Festival, etc.
  • And, finally, the ambition to organise the World Championship Cycling in collaboration with Groningen.

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