It is clear that bicycles and Drenthe are inextricably linked. The topic and activity of cycling contributes to various goals: Drenthe becomes healthier, more sustainable and the economy gets a boost. In order to create an offer that fits the wishes of cyclists (mainly tourists), cooperation is stimulated. One of the ways to work together is by composing packages and offering them at: drentheaanbod.nl.


The principle of ‘Packages’:

1. Explore what there is to offer in terms of activities, events and other offerings
2. Investigate (activating) what is in demand
3. Combine existing offer into ‘cycling stories’ or cycling experiences
4. Completion/development of what is missing to achieve complete packages and to match the demand
5. Creating business cases around arrangements including ownership
6. Targeted marketing of packages

Examples of packages

Work on the ‘Packages’ project has been going on since 2013. A number of the new events have been developed in such a way that there are possibilities for packages. This mainly concerns overnight stays. Think of renting a bungalow including MTB and a day on the bus at the Tour of Drenthe, or packages with a ‘health’ topic (with health checks), combined with culture or cultural history or other sports.

Specific cycling packages are part of the Op Fietse bicycle office. The MTB roadmap and the results from the Cycling Vision are also incorporated in these packages. Drenthe Beleeft (Drenthe experiences) will also zoom in on packages, with the emphasis on the healthiest cycling province in particular.

Booking tool

To investigate the demand there is already a booking tool active, called drentheaanbod.nl. This will also be used mainly internationally, for example via the UCI. Packages can be put together here, but the demand is also indicated. The UCI, other Bike Regions and the network in Germany are mainly used as communication and marketing channels.

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