Drenthe has had the status of a 5-star cycling region since last year and is ambitious when it comes to cycling; we want to maintain and strengthen this status. Cycling is an important driver of our leisure economy, people’s health and the sustainability of society. The aim is also to tempt the residents of Drenthe to take the bike more often, for commuter or school traffic, recreational and sports.

Cycling to school and cycling to work

Cycling to school

The programme ‘Op Fietse naar school’ (Cycling to school) started in 2015. This programme offers activities that stimulate (safe) cycling to school and contributes to the Province of Drenthe’s ambition to be and remain the number one cycling province.

Goal Op Fietse naar School

  • Contribution to the municipal ‘JOGG’ (Young people at a Healthy Weight) objectives aimed at the theme of Free Movement. The goal is to enable as many young people as possible aged between 0 and 19 to exercise with the aim of increasing the healthy weight of young people.
  • An increase in the number of children cycling to school

Activities Op Fietse naar School

  1. School competition (election bicycle school of the year)
  2. Marketing campaign
  3. Support Noordenveld bicycle community
  4. Connection and/or connection to new opportunities (poverty reduction scheme))
  5. Side events (ad-hoc) – via KCE

Partnerships Op Fietse naar School

  • JOGG directors municipalities
  • Neighbourhood sports coaches
  • Traffic and Transport Council Drenthe
  • VVN
  • Marketing Drenthe
  • Drenthe Beweegt (Drenthe Moves)
  • Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen

Result Op Fietse naar School

The marketing campaign is successful; the theme ‘Op Fietse naar School’ has reached a wide audience. However, participation in the Bicycle School of year election was lagging behind. The recommendation for a follow-up is to start recruiting schools earlier with regard to school planning.

Op Fietse naar Werk

The project On Fietse naar Werk (cycling to work) is likely to start at the end of 2017.

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